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Exporters to China shouldn’t Fear Geopolitical Drama: Alibaba CEO

He’s the boss of an ecommerce giant that has a market cap of $264.9 billion and 493 million monthly users. They operate in 15 countries across the globe and have corporate headquarters in the United States, China, India, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Taiwan.

It’s not Amazon, but Alibaba. Its CEO, Daniel Zhang, recently made a statement meant to assure nervous exporters to China that their business is not in danger as political tensions rise. Quite the contrary, Zhang promised tremendous growth ahead for exporters to China. Why? The demand produced by Chinese consumer spending simply can’t be swayed.

“There are over 300 million middle-class families in China,” he said, and their appetite for consumer goods produced across the world over has yet to be satisfied. As China’s manufacturing sectors slows down and is replaced by a consumption-driven economy, this creates huge opportunities for companies looking to sell to China.

Chinese consumer confidence remains high; the Chinese government recently commented that it expected to import a whopping $US8 trillion worth of goods over the next five years. If ever there was a time to ensure that your cross-border sales channel was running smooth, it’s now.

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